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A rescue dog is:
a purebred Bernese Mountain Dog who can no longer be cared for by its owner of record
or caretaker or has been placed in a shelter, is a stray, lost or abandoned.

A rehome dog is:
a purebred Bernese Mountain Dog who can no longer remain with its owner of record
or caretaker and will be placed directly into a foster or permanent home.

BMDCFL rescue and re-homing program prides itself on being responsive to every situation we learn of, and where we may be of assistance. Our goals are to be there for the dogs, available to the individuals who are looking to us for help and assistance and the great homes eager to adopt a Bernese Mountain Dog in need.

We make every effort to match up a forever home placement for both the dog and the new owner. We also keep a database of applicants interested in adoption. When a dog becomes available the next step begins by suitably matching that dog to a perfect home. If we do not have a home available, and/or the match would be more appropriate outside of our geographical area, we coordinate efforts with other regional clubs across the country to ensure a successful match.

Rescue dogs need immediate attention. Dogs with “special needs” require specialized plans, increased compassion and often foster care evaluation. We are careful to address medical and temperament issues before any placement.

Please contact us if:
*If you are interested in becoming a “forever home for a Berner who is in need of one
*if you are considering the placement of your Berner for any reason
*if you might consider volunteering your time, expertise or your home for temporary foster care etc.

Lara Riley
Galen Zimmer

BMDCFL rescue and rehoming program is run entirely by volunteers and by private donations to
continue to provide this service. Donations are very much appreciated and are accepted at:

BMDCFL Treasurer
2302 Telephone Rd
Leroy, NY 14482

Recent Rescue

Gunner is a very happy boy and has settled into his new home beautifully.
His warm, gentle temperament has made loving him easy. His new owners report that
“He is a wonderful soul and we learn from him everyday as part of our family”.

The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of the Finger Lakes serves Bernese owners and Bernese breeders in upstate New York, encompassing Buffalo Rochester Syracuse in the north and Jamestown Corning Elmira Binghamton in the south. The site includes Club information, special events, a breeder referral for a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, Berner rescue, and links to information on how to raise, train, and care for your Bernese Mountain Dog.